a world free from sexual assault and rape

At TAA, we believe that scientific innovation can help to eradicate sexual assault and rape. With feedback from survivors, hospitals, advocates, and law enforcement, TAA is developing the next generation of rape kits to ensure that every survivor who receives the hospital examination leaves feeling more validated and in control of their evidence collection kit. For far too long, the evidence collection kit has only focused on the collection of evidence, and the slow forensic turn-around analysis has left countless survivors in the dark as to the contents and results of their kits.  

TAA's approach to the rape kit is distinct from other manufactures in that we are integrating, for the first time, preliminary forensic analysis during the hospital examination. Through the use of our kits, survivors will leave the examination knowing exactly what evidence has been collected and how it will be used in a forensic laboratory. 

We are putting the control back into the hands of survivors – right where it belongs.